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Socially Responsible Investments

Triodos SICAV I consists of four Luxembourg-based sub-funds that are distributed in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany.

In 2014, Triodos SICAV I passed the historical milestone of EUR 1 billion assets under management. The fund volumes of Triodos SICAV I increased by 52.9% to EUR 1,027 million during the year.

The four funds are Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund, Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund, Triodos Sustainable Bond Fund, and Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund. All invest in shares and bonds of listed companies. These companies perform well socially and environmentally, relative to their peers in their sectors. Their work has been recognised in several awards for Triodos SICAV I. For instance, Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund has been awarded with the vwd CASH Fund Award for being the best fund in the category Mixed Global Currency Balanced. Triodos Investment Management has been awarded with De Standaard-La Libre Belgique Award at the Fund Awards Belgium 2014 for being ‘the best manager of Socially Responsible Investment funds’.


Promoting corporate social responsibility produced positive results in 2014. Triodos Research made use of voting rights on behalf of the Triodos SICAV I fund at 125 shareholder meetings. The companies were informed about the issues that Triodos intended to vote on in advance of these meetings, allowing organisations to take meaningful steps to address them.

In total, Triodos Research engaged 495 times with 241 companies, leading to a number of improvements in their corporate social responsibility policies and performance.

Through this work, Triodos demonstrated that sustainable investment on the stock market can lead to material developments in sustainable corporate behaviour.


We expect that the continuous inflow of new investments will remain stable in 2015, resulting in further growth of the assets under management in the funds. Triodos Investment Management will explore further development of the SRI funds in 2015.