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Triodos Bank’s steady growth requires an evolving approach to fulfil the potential of the people who work in it. Triodos Bank wants to continue to be one of the world’s leading sustainable banks and therefore needs highly qualified people who are aligned with its vision and mission.

To support the development of motivated, skilled co-workers Triodos Bank offers international programmes in the Triodos Academy; 86 co-workers participated in this programme in 2015 including a management development programme and ‘values seminar’ for co-workers who are relatively new to Triodos Bank. The 2015 annual Co-Worker Conference took place in Bristol and focused on the value of social, natural, human and non-financial ‘capital’. The meeting was attended by 106 co-workers.

Many branches also host their own co-worker conferences at a national level. The Spanish meeting, for example, connected 20 customers with co-workers, sharing their perspectives with the group and involving them in learning journeys to loan projects. Weekly meetings are organised in all Triodos Bank’s branches to help align co-workers with the business, its goals and challenges. Regular meetings are also organised with customers or thought leaders on topics such as sustainable real estate, new ways of banking, energy and innovative sustainable projects.

All the branches actively developed their internal communications activity during 2015, through ezines, in person meetings and co-worker surveys. A group of internal communications specialists in all business units convened for the first time during the year, focusing in particular on the development of a Triodos Bank-wide social collaboration platform which will be implemented in 2016.