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Triodos Bank has ongoing dialogues with local and national governments and supervisory bodies, sometimes in partnership with other financial institutions or other partners. It engages in conversations about the sector and has regular meetings to discuss issues that are relevant to its business. Key topics that Triodos Bank focuses on in conversations and consultations include the positive impact and potential of sustainable banking, the strength of greater diversity in the banking industry, and the need for broader retail participation in impact investing.

Triodos Bank is a member of Banking Associations across Europe and is engaged in governmental and supervisory consultations with a focus on maintaining a diverse banking landscape and fair and effective regulatory conditions for small and medium-sized banks.

During 2015 Triodos Investment Management lobbied, amongst other organisations, for legislation to prevent the use of conflict minerals, leading an investor statement in which a number of international investors were involved. It made representations in Brussels to an EU meeting in support of this effort and the stronger and mandatory legislation has been accepted by the European Parliament.

In Germany, Triodos Bank participated in ‘Dialogue about the Sustainability Strategy’ of the federal government. In The Netherlands the organisation has tried to influence the national government through its membership and activities of De Groene Zaak (The Green Cause). Topics addressed during the year were lowering costs of labour, increasing the costs of polluting production methods and making Dutch tax regulations more sustainable. Next to this Triodos Bank was involved locally with the Dutch municipality of Utrecht in ‘nul op de meterwoningen’, a breakthrough project to make existing houses energy neutral.