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Other Information

Profit appropriation

As set out in the Articles of Association, the appropriation of profit is as follows:

Part of the profit as reported in the adopted profit and loss account shall be used by the Executive Board to form or add to the reserves to the extent that this is deemed desirable. The remaining profit shall be distributed to the shareholders, unless the General Meeting decides otherwise.

All depository receipts issued up to and including 20 May 2016 are entitled to the final dividend for the financial year 2015. The results of Triodos Bank N.V. are taken into consideration in the issue price.

The proposed appropriation of profit is based on the number of depository receipts issued as at 31 December 2015, minus the number of depository receipts purchased by Triodos Bank. The final proposal will be submitted at the Annual General Meeting of Depository Receipt Holders.

The proposed appropriation of profit (in thousands of EUR) is as follows:

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Net profit


Addition to the other reserves






Dividend (EUR 1.95 per depository receipt)




Subsequent event

There are no subsequent events that are of material nature for the annual accounts.


In addition to its head office in The Netherlands, Triodos Bank has branches in The Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany.