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Triodos Bank Private Banking

EUR 1,381 million

Private Banking increased its
funds under management
by 12% to EUR 1,381 million.

Private Banking offers a broad range of financial and non-financial services to wealthier people, foundations, associations and religious institutions. Sustainable asset management is the core service within Triodos Private Banking, and includes both Triodos investment funds and private asset management.

Private Banking’s focus is primarily on developing effective dialogue with investors. Asset growth is a secondary objective. This dialogue sends a clear message to investees that a strong and energetic movement is driving larger, publicly financed companies to adopt sustainable policies. Private Banking increased its funds under management by 12% to EUR 1,381 million slightly below a target of 15 to 20% mainly due to a lower growth in the foundation and charity portfolio. EUR 461 million of these funds are managed by Triodos Private Banking and accounted for on the balance sheet of the Dutch branch.


Triodos Private Banking expects interest in its sustainable investment offering in The Netherlands and Belgium to continue to be substantial and expects long term growth to be between 10 and 15%.

More details about the local branches, Triodos Investment Management and Triodos Private Banking, can be found in Triodos Bank’s online annual report.