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Investment and Private Banking

Triodos Investment Management offers Impact Investment Funds to retail and – via third parties like banks – non-retail investors in a number of countries. The investment funds vary in size and risk profile. For more details about its work, visit the Triodos Investment Management chapter here.

Triodos Corporate Finance in the UK continued to pioneer innovative finance models in social investment. This included raising capital of EUR 19 million, for eight high impact organisations across a range of sustainability sectors, including tackling homelessness, community renewables and supported living for people with learning disabilities. Two Social Impact Bonds, Triodos New Horizons and St Mungos, successfully achieved their investment goals and are among the first of new ‘payments by results’ contracts to meet their targets in the UK.

Private Banking also expanded substantially during the year in both The Netherlands and Belgium, where this service is currently offered. In Belgium Private Banking now manages over EUR 266 million. Investment in Socially Responsible Investment Funds in Belgium grew by 42% (2014: 63%) or EUR 170 million. Find out more about Triodos Private Banking here.

The German branch offers Triodos Sustainable Funds, and delivered a EUR 6.1 million inflow in new investment compared to 2014, over three times the figure in the previous year. It funds now total EUR 9.5 million (2014: 3.4 million).

In The Netherlands growth in distributed funds was more than 15% and EUR 181 million (2014: 146 million). The Dutch branch was also responsible for contributing over EUR 50 million to raising new capital for the bank itself during the year.