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The European branch network will continue to be at the heart of Triodos Bank’s efforts to grow sustainable banking and its impact. It will further build on efforts to actively promote and extend the idea of values-based bank, and demonstrate how it can lead to long-term, deep-seated improvements in people’s quality of life.

In 2016 all Triodos Bank’s branches expect to develop further and grow organically.

Visibility for the bank will increase in Spain during the year on the strength of diversified growth in loans, funds entrusted and customer numbers. A new core banking system will be implemented during the year enabling the branch to broaden its service portfolio and provide multi-channel customer service, including mobile banking. New products and services anticipated during 2016 include pension plans, investment funds and personal ‘sustainable’ loans.

Lending in the UK will focus on new sustainable sectors such as energy efficiency and sustainable property, as well deepening relationships in existing ones. The branch’s key focus will continue to be on developing a personal current account for launch towards the end of 2016.

The Dutch branch expects to further build on its ambition to become the preferred bank for sustainable entrepreneurs across the country, broaden and deepen its services and proposition by innovating. A special Innovation Lab has been created in 2015 to develop Triodos Bank’s impact beyond banking, to further its sustainable mission, in 2016.

In Belgium Triodos Bank will further focus on the diversification and sustained growth of the loan portfolio. Sustainable mortgages are expected to maintain their growth thanks to a formula which links increasing energy efficiency with declining rates. Diversification of the loan portfolio and increasing commission income will also be areas of focus.

Loan growth in Germany is expected to continue to accelerate consolidating Triodos Bank’s lending in new markets such as sustainable real estate. The customer’s online experience will also be addressed to help deepen relationships with key stakeholders.

All these efforts will lead Triodos Bank to increase the number of personal customers, investors, and borrowers it serves and to promote the powerful idea of using money consciously to create positive change. And it will continue to focus squarely on positive impact, improving people’s quality of life in local markets but with a pan-European base.