Triodos Bank’s activity is split between two core divisions, Triodos Bank’s retail and business banking and Triodos Investment Management. The following chapter provides an overview of our work in 2019 in each, including a short description of their work, key sub-sectors and how they performed during the year, as well as prospects for the future:

  • Retail and Business Banking, including Private Banking, which was responsible proportionately for 69% of Triodos Bank’s net profit in 2019 (2018: 83%)
  • Triodos Investment Management and Investment Advisory Services, which makes up 31% (2018: 17%) of Triodos Bank’s overall net profit.

In addition, Stichting Triodos Foundation raises gift money from its clients and donates it to initiatives aligned with Triodos Bank’s core themes. In 2019 the Stichting Triodos Foundation became a part of the new Triodos Regenerative Money Centre. Similar foundations have operated for some time in Belgium, the UK and Spain and are not managed by the Triodos Regenerative Money Centre.

Products and services are offered to investors and savers enabling Triodos Bank to finance new and existing companies that contribute to the improvement of the environment or create social or cultural added value. Details of these products and services follow below.