The Supervisory Board supervises and reviews the activities and the decisions of the Executive Board and the functioning of Triodos Bank's operations. In addition, the Supervisory Board provides advice and guidance to the Executive Board. In formulating the strategy for realising Triodos Bank's mission, the Executive Board engages the Supervisory Board at an early stage. Its supervision is based on internal and external reports on, amongst others, Triodos Bank’s business, operations, impact, risks and financial performance, augmented by presentations, conversations and visits. These inputs to the supervision are scheduled in such a manner, that all substantive areas of Triodos Bank are covered within a two-year time frame.

The challenging context of 2019

The Supervisory Board is aware of the challenging context for banking in Europe:

  • The very low interest rates, stemming from market developments and ECB interventions, are unprecedented
  • Tightening regulatory conditions put pressure on business, operations and costs
  • Increasing competition in financial services, with existing and new players using new forms of technology
  • Sustainability is becoming mainstream, which challenges the way Triodos Bank leverages the uniqueness of its essence and mission

The Supervisory Board monitored how the Executive Board responded to these challenges, whilst continuing to be an effective, integrated value-based bank and the execution of the business plan for the years 2019-2021.