Investments take place through investment funds or investment institutions bearing the Triodos name and are managed by Triodos Investment Management. The funds are offered to retail investors through Triodos Bank and third parties like other banks, and to non-retail investors in several countries. The investment funds vary in size and risk profile. You can find more details about Triodos Investment Management’s work here.

Triodos Bank Belgium has been active promoting investment products and services throughout a successful Investment campaign delivered via online media and cinema. The campaign combined testimonials from clients, local information evenings for beginners and advanced investors in four cities. Pop-up Triodos Bank offices for in-person investment appointments were also created. This resulted in an increase in assets under management of 38.2% (2018: 9.5%) in private banking and 43.4% (2018 : 7.6%) in distributed funds.

Triodos Bank in The Netherlands introduced a new investment campaign during the year. Partly as a result of this, funds under management increased by 18% to EUR 1,416 million.

The latter figures include strong growth in assets managed through the Triodos Impact Portfolio service which enables investment in a basket of Triodos investment funds, that are aligned with the investors’ profile. Triodos Bank in Belgium attracted new investment clients including several Belgian universities. This increasingly diverse group of investment clients share “an explicit societal engagement for which (they) turn to Triodos” in the words of a relationship manager.

In the UK, sales of the Impact Investment Funds were approximately GBP 20.8 million (2018: GBP 16 million) and were a focus of marketing activity. Triodos Investment Management was recognised in a number of UK awards including ‘Best Sustainable Investment Fund’ in the 2019 Investment Week Sustainable & ESG Investment Awards and as ‘Best ESG reporting’ in the Environmental Finance awards for their detailed online impact reports.

The Triodos Bank UK crowdfunding platform ( continued to provide direct investment opportunities to everyday investors. In 2019 more than GBP 8.39 million was raised for a number high impact organisations, including community benefit societies and social enterprises.

Triodos Bank in Germany distributed EUR 3.3 million in Triodos sustainable funds during the year and the volume of the overall assets grew to EUR 24.1 million. The number of depository receipt holders increased by 37% to 1,196, raising equity by EUR 7.6 million, up by 38%.