Triodos Bank’s European network will continue to be at the heart of its efforts to grow sustainable banking and its impact. It will further build on activity to promote and extend the idea of values-based bank and demonstrate how it can lead to long-term, deep-seated improvements in people’s quality of life.

In 2020 all Triodos Bank’s operations expect to develop further and grow organically.

In Spain, the 2020 focus will be on retail client retention and acquisition through improving customer experience and targeted digital campaigns. Attention will also be paid to increasing our equity base, stabilizing the balance between growth and profitability of its loan portfolio and increasing its efficiency rate. Internally, communication, an improved appraisal cycle and the organisation’s learning and development agenda will play a central role to increase co-worker engagement and commitment.

Triodos Bank UK has transitioned to a subsidiary operation and some new ways of working, including with a new Board. The focus in 2020 will be working with our trusted partners and on mission impact and delivery – including the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Triodos in the UK. Thought leadership on a range of topics will progress the Change Finance agenda. COP 26 will take place in Glasgow in November and give a platform to promote the role of responsible banking.

Triodos Bank in the Netherlands will continue to build bridges between sustainable sectors to strengthen the sustainable business movement. It will use modern technology where it supports Triodos Bank’s human approach, improving client contact services during the year in particular. It personally contacts every new business or personal customer, when possible, helping to deepen their relationship with the organisation.

In Belgium Triodos Bank will focus on investments in, among other things, the further development of its digital channel to distribute its investment solutions, on the one hand and on the growth of the loan portfolio in specific areas such as energy efficiency, sustainable real estate and arts and culture, on the other. Triodos Bank Belgium will develop an activity in the syndication of loans while sustainable mortgages are expected to maintain their growth thanks to an approachwhich links increasing energy efficiency with declining interest rates. Triodos Bank Belgium will carefully manage operational costs as well as the evolution of funds entrusted in line with the loan portfolio. Special attention will also be given to enhancing client service processes.

In Germany the focus again will be to grow business volumes by developing new markets and to continue attracting large numbers of new retail customers. Investment offerings will be another important area of attention. Customers’ experience will be further improved through constant improvement of relationship management.

All these efforts will lead Triodos Bank to increase the number of personal customers, investors, and borrowers it serves and to promote the powerful idea of using money consciously to create positive change. It will continue to focus squarely on positive impact, improving people’s quality of life in local markets on the strength of its pan-European base.