Fund Manager Triodos Renewables Europe Fund

Matthew Clayton

As per 1 July 2014 Matthew Clayton has taken over the role as Fund Manager of Triodos Renewables Europe Fund from Anne Mieke van der Werf, who had been the ad interim Fund Manager since September 2013. Matthew will fulfil his role as Fund Manager of Triodos Renewables Europe Fund besides his role as Executive Director of Triodos Renewables plc.

Matthew Clayton has an extensive track record in the field of renewable energy. He has worked in the Triodos Renewables plc team since 2006. Prior to joining Triodos Bank, Matthew was part of a small team which established Camco International, one of the world’s leading carbon trading companies, focusing on supporting sustainable energy projects via the Kyoto framework.

Triodos Renewables Europe Fund and Triodos Renewables plc share many characteristics. By combining the management of the two entities and the dedicated teams with one manager Triodos aims to align investment management activities and optimise processes of both entities investing in renewable energy.

As at December 31, 2014, the fund manager does not hold shares in Triodos Renewables Europe Fund.

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