Triodos Renewables Europe Fund continues to evaluate investment opportunities in proven renewable technologies located in Europe. The fund is currently in exclusive negotiations for a number of investment opportunities. A strong pipeline of opportunities has been built including solar, onshore wind and hydro projects in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the Nordic region and the United Kingdom. The fund will continue to focus on investments that provide positive financial, environmental and social returns, such as the solar industrial roof tops that help to manage production costs and therefore secure employment by the industrial hosts.

Case study – Wind farm Zeeland (photo)


Wind farm Zeeland I is a joint-venture between Triodos Renewables Europe Fund, utility company Delta and developer E-Connection and operates 12 turbines on three different locations in the southern part of the Netherlands: wind farm Vlissingen, wind farm Kapelle-Schore and Wind farm Jacobahaven.


Triodos Renewables Europe Fund continues to target collaboration with small- to medium-sized developers where the equity and/or subordinated debt the fund provides fills a funding gap. This allows the developer to realise value in the projects that can be redeployed into the development of further projects, ultimately contributing to further sustainable energy capacity being realised.

In addition to identifying opportunities to invest in new projects, the fund is supporting asset managers of the existing portfolio of 20 renewable energy projects with exploring the potential and where appropriate development of re-powering opportunities, where the older existing projects may be upgraded with new technology, making even better use of the renewable energy resources. The fund is presently supporting the feasibility work relating to 93MW of wind projects in the Netherlands and Germany.

The fund continues to identify suitable investment opportunities which, in combination with the supportive regulatory environment in Europe, provides confidence in its continued performance and growth potential. Whilst the fund has adequate liquidity to realise the immediate investment opportunities, further capital will be required to yield on the full pipeline of renewable projects which have been identified by the fund. The fund therefore plans to seek further investment from both existing and new investors in 2015. Investing in additional projects will diversify the income streams to the fund with a view to enhancing returns, whilst continuing to contribute to improving the sustainability of the European energy system.

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