Sustainable investment research

At the end of 2015, the Triodos Sustainable Investment Universe for Triodos SICAV I included a total of 295 companies. Of these companies, 117 qualify as pioneers due to the nature of the products and services that they offer and 178 companies qualify as best-in-class. Compared with year-end 2014, the number of companies included in the universe has increased by a net total of eight. At year-end 2015, one company was under review: Sound Global from Singapore, due to suspended trading in its shares related to accounting irregularities and fraud investigations.

The fund actively monitors the companies in its investment universe. When it suspects a potential breach of the minimum standards, it initiates a dialogue with the company involved. In 2015, there was one scandal about fraudulent activities by German car manufacturer Volkswagen that led to the removal of the company from the Triodos Sustainable Investment Universe.

The list of countries (for sovereign bonds) included in the Triodos Sustainable Investment Universe at year-end 2015 has not changed relative to the previous year. However in 2015, ten German and Spanish regions were added to the Triodos Sustainable Investment Universe. For regions, the same selection criteria apply as for the countries that they are a part of.

A full overview of the changes in the Triodos Sustainable Investment Universe is provided in (PDF:) Appendix A.

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