Appendix: Portfolio Overview

As per the end of December 2017, Triodos Organic Growth Fund’s portfolio consisted of five companies.

Aarstiderne AS, Denmark

In February 2014, Triodos Organic Growth Fund invested in Danish company Aarstiderne AS (Danish for ‘the Seasons’). Aarstiderne is an organic meal box company, delivering a variety of healthy organic meal options and fruit and vegetable boxes to over 60.000 households on a weekly basis. The company is a truly inspiring frontrunner in the European organic food sector.

Marqt Holding BV, the Netherlands

In April 2017, Triodos Organic Growth Fund invested in Dutch retail chain Marqt, which was founded in 2005 and operates 15 shops in large cities in the Netherlands. The mission of the company is to radically change the value chain of food by introducing an innovative business model based on a fair distribution model for growers, processors and retailers and by offering higher-quality food at a fair price. The fund’s investment helps the company to pursue growth opportunities.

Naturfrisk Group Holding AS, Denmark

Since April 2016, Triodos Organic Growth Fund is a shareholder in Naturfrisk Group Holding AS, a Danish producer of organic soft drinks, juices, beers and distilled spirits. The company was founded by father and son Niels and Nicolai Rømer in 1996, when they acquired the former Ørbæk Brewery, which dates back to 1906. Naturfrisk was amongst the first in the beverage industry to offer an organic alternative to consumers and today their products are sold in nine different countries across Europe.

Naty AB, Sweden

In July 2016, Triodos Organic Growth Fund invested in Swedish company Naty AB. Naty was founded by Marlene Sandberg in 1994 to offer an alternative for disposable diapers and reduce the vast amount of waste that they generate. In December 2017, the fund increased its shareholding in Naty, supporting the rationalisation of the shareholder base and the international growth strategy of the company.

Organic Assistance BV, the Netherlands

Since September 2016, Triodos Organic Growth Fund is a shareholder in the Dutch company Organic Assistance BV. Organic Assistance is 100% owner of DO-IT BV, a Dutch company that buys organic products from farmers – predominantly in developing countries – and sells them throughout Europe. The company works closely with local farmers and cooperatives and shares knowledge about organic farming practices. DO-IT has also launched two consumer brands – La BIO IDEA and Amaizin – which are available in European health-food stores.

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