48.9 EUR million

net assets
as per the
end of 2017

A growing consumer awareness of health and the environment and a wish to consume in a more sustainable manner are reflected in double-digit growth rates for the organic and fair-trade markets. This growing awareness is a result of increasing urgency: non-transparent and imbalanced supply chains, pressures on the environment and the prospect of irreversible climate change require a fundamental change in the way we live, consume, produce and invest.

Triodos Organic Growth Fund aims to support this transition by providing mission-aligned long-term capital to authentic sustainable companies with a clear commitment to contributing to increase the share of sustainable consumer goods in Europe. The challenges which the fund addresses and the related impact goals can be described on three levels:


Due to our high levels of production and consumption, we are rapidly depleting the earth’s natural resources, including our soil. Another negative effect is the loss of diversity in and resilience of the supply chain for food and other consumer products. The fund’s environmental impact goals are to preserve soil fertility and biodiversity and stimulate animal welfare by promoting organic farming and renewable sourcing. In addition, the fund aims to increase food and resource efficiency by promoting efficient production, waste minimisation and circularity.


Through the choices that they make, consumers to a large extent determine which products are produced and how they are produced. However, there is a lack of awareness of how their consumption is linked to production processes and how these processes harm the environment and affect society. Furthermore, increasing power concentration within supply chains deepens imbalances between different players in the chain. Triodos Organic Growth Fund works towards two broad socio-economic objectives: catalysing fair and transparent business practises by promoting fair trade, transparent value chains and ‘green’ jobs, and growing the share of sustainable consumption by increasing consumers’ awareness and their access to sustainable consumer products.

Finance and support

The frontrunners in the fast-growing European organic food and sustainable consumer products sector are now mature companies and are hampered in their growth and face succession issues due to a lack of long-term capital aligned with the companies’ missions and values. Triodos Organic Growth Fund addresses this challenge by promoting and demonstrating the viability of a new model for impact investing: mission-aligned private equity with a long-term focus and not driven by exits. This approach enables growth of the sustainable consumption and production sector by supporting and safeguarding the independence, entrepreneurship and mission of companies.

The online Impact Report of Triodos Organic Growth Fund provides further information about the fund’s impact, presenting figures, background stories and a description of its activities (see:

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